About Our Pricing

Our Wedding Services are based on percentage of budget (between 3% and 15% – below industry average) with a minimum fee. (Most event planners in the U.S. and the U.K. charge between 15-20% commission on the event budget.) We offer this tiered pricing because the stress level for us increases as these elements increase:

  • Size of wedding (number of guests) affects how much energy the pre-planning and onsite coordination will require. We will sometimes hire additional assistants to help, as needed, depending on the number of venues involved and how spread out floor diagrams are.
  • Number of vendors involved for pre-planning and on-site management (usually directly related to budget)
  • Per-person catering cost is usually higher when the meal and/or beverage service is more intricate, i.e. plated dinners or table-side wine service, and therefore more work for the coordinator to ensure those pieces are in place and running smoothly during the event. Another example of why budget-related pricing is important is the outdoor event: typically outdoor events require more vendors, more budget, and are much more stressful to plan and coordinate on-site than indoor events where everything is under one roof with fewer vendors and moving elements.

See why event planners charge based on a “cost plus” the event budget and some examples of other pricing structures to compare apples to apples.