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Hi. I’m Stacy.

That’s me on the right.

I’m a wife to one amazing husband, Garrett, daughter Arielle, and new baby, James Shepherd. I’m an accidental, “all-around” event planner. Originally I wanted to be a political speech writer. But God had a different plan. Now there are few areas of special events that I haven’t worked in intimately, from weddings to non-profit galas to corporate events and expos.

I first experienced my love of the hospitality industry at age 9 when I planned “fancy dinners” for my baby sister and her friends in my small, South Texas hometown. Helping Mom with the many weddings in the church that my parents pastor, I learned as a pre-teen the hard work—and reward—that they can bring.

Many years (and life changes) later, while studying Communications at Baylor University (sic ’em, Bears!) to be the next Peggy Noonan, I stumbled into a opportunity to create beautiful spaces for clients at a full-turn-key special events company, Pendley Party Productions, where I was given free reign to get creative with inventory (and bend the rules) for brides and other non-profit clients in making their event dreams a reality. I was hooked for life. Upon graduation in 2006, I served as lead event designer for the company, where I gained a strong foundation in event design and set up for weddings, debutante balls, university events, hospital galas and private gatherings.

But I wanted to do more than create a pretty party on a budget. I wanted to help them run smoothly, too.

We represent years of experience in many facets of the hospitality/events industry: rentals, floral, beverage, catering, graphics, sales, and on-site event management of events for hotel properties. From 2007 to 2010, I personally coordinated and managed more than 120 weddings and social events, and worked droves of amazing vendors. Yowzers! These opportunities gave me a unique perspective on what goes on behind-the-scenes at events that many planners (I learned–because I worked with them) simply do not know, such as:

  • Why you never place the vegetarian option on a printed dinner menu? mac-cheese-martini
  • Why is a service charge is taxable?
  • Why do you never really need to offer a special gluten-free meal for a plated dinner? 
  • How many drinks, on average, do guests consume during a cocktail hour? 
  • How many contracts does a client sign with a facility that offers catering?
  • What is the difference between a guarantee and a final head count?
  • What is the six-second rule regarding Fire Marshall approval of candle votive height? 
  • Which should come first: the toasts, or the father/daughter dance?

During this time, I learned the many details that can easily be missed or unforseen, costing clients money and forcing them to choose between form and function. And in design, I’ve always been driven to not settle for the ordinary, so I was determined to help clients gain the win-win.

In 2008, while coordinating more than 25 weddings at once, I had the exciting task of being the bride. I wed Garrett Lillis on April 25, 2009, surrounded by an intimate number of friends, family and peonies at the most romantic place on Earth: our beloved Baylor campus, in the Armstrong Browning Library’s Foyer of Meditation (“How Do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”).  This experience only drove me more to exceed my clients’ expectations–whether they were a bride or a not. It also led me to enlist the help of my amazing husband and now-business-partner, who is wonderful not only to me and our business, but to our clients.

Lincoln Day Dinner 148

My boo, at our first event to manage together.

In 2010, Lillis Affairs was born. I wanted a consulting and on-site management company for events that met client’s needs in a down-to-earth, realistic way, that set the bar high for design and was able to stay on a realistic budget.  I wanted to bring my level of expertise in all facets of the special events industry to the table with my clients–to shoot straight with them about what to expect, and not just create a beautiful space–and to help save them money and headache along the way. We’ve been doing just that ever since.

We’re not just a wedding planning business! We bring non-profit fundraising AND corporate event planning experience to our portfolio for museums, political campaigns, social services and faith-based international missions organizations.  I’ve personally secured six-figure sponsorship dollars, coordinated with event committees and chairs, and managed ticketing and registration. This is a uniquely different animal than weddings, and you’re going to want a pro who can not only make it look flawless, but help meet your fundraising goals, impress your donor prospects, and cultivate your existing donors or stakeholders.

stacy lillis-garrett lillisWhere are we? Nestled in the beautiful Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, we at Lillis Affairs have easy access to vendors, venues, and, of course, you! We’ve been pleased to travel to Montana, Colorado, North Dakota (thanks, oil and gas!), New York, and all over our great state o’ Texas.

Call us at 303-928-9615 or email stacy@lillisaffairs.com to book your appointment today.


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Stacy Lillis
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