Susan+Rick’s Old Hollywood Wedding

December 15, 2012 Port Lavaca, TX The cardinal rule of wedding planning is to never, ever, ever stand in a wedding that you’re coordinating because it will darn near kill you. But when my older sister, “Suz”, announced her engagement and started making plans, I knew

The skinny on self-printed invitations

So you’re budgeting everything yourself and realized how pricey those much-needed pieces of embossed paper are.    Want to print yourself?   They’ll cost you about $1.30 a pop (including postage), so I say DEFINITELY do the research for online print service sites and make

HGTV Design Star Challenge: The Insta-Wedding

So I’m an HGTV Design Star addict (surprise, surprise). If you haven’t watched the show and love design, be prepared for your fiance or significant other to hate you on Monday nights. This past week’s episode featured a design challenge of….you guessed it…

Something new, something new

Okay, so my vendors out there aren’t going to appreciate this. Or maybe they will. Brides, grooms and event clients: do NOT be afraid to come up with a creative idea and share it with your vendor. Don’t be demanding, but don’t be afraid to challenge them. Not all gre

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