Tapered candles are baaaacck….

Okay, so even if you’re not a fan of Phantom of the Opera or even the 1980’s version of Mozart, you have to appreciate the “ba-boom”  of this look.    I (Stacy) chose this for my own wedding, even if I had to choose those drip-free candles.    Totally worth it!

The Mountain Wedding Needed This: Glam

We’ve visited some of our favorite Rockies resort locations this week, and couldn’t help but act a little floored when we walked into this super chic, super accessible Breckenridge locale.    This location gets it right for the fashionable bride that doesn’t want to

Colors We Love….

Summer wedding approaching?   Try these bold, beautiful (okay, we couldn’t help it) colors that say “this isn’t your ordinary pastel wedding” but “I’m feminine and won’t be ignored”: Think it’s a little too close to that famous Feb

The Ten Commandments for Brides

Why you should hire a professional wedding planner 10. REPEAT BUSINESS ALWAYS TRUMPS A ONE-TIME CUSTOMER. Therefore, clients of wedding planners often do get special treatment/pricing from vendors, and we pass those savings on to the client. Wedding planners have continuous busin

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