Colors We Love….

Summer wedding approaching?   Try these bold, beautiful (okay, we couldn’t help it) colors that say “this isn’t your ordinary pastel wedding” but “I’m feminine and won’t be ignored”:

Think it’s a little too close to that famous February holiday involving red and pink hearts?   Think not!   We’ve loved this color combo since 2009–if it’s done right, but just managed to find this stunning Preston Bailey  creation that pretty much embodies it.   Deep and light pinks mixed with red and just the right amount of green for a pop.   And–depending on your style–amber/gold accents.    This works great for those boring votive candles that your venue typically offers.    Can’t afford this much drama in the floral?   Do small bunches (3 is good) instead!   And don’t forget those bridesmaids’ bouquets–have your florist leave cylinder vases with water on guest tables to stretch your dollar and actually USE those pricey bouquets in the reception (in clusters, of coarse–not one at a time).    Your coordinator will be happy to place them for you before your guests are welcomed into the dinner portion.   Want more drama and have the budget for it?  Have your florist set a paved (pronounced “pah-vayed”) cluster like this atop a tall, clear vase that’s sturdy enough not to tip over with a slight bump to the guest table.

Speaking of bridesmaids, make the colors pop by having them wear chocolate brown or black.    Want something sophisticated and soft?   Try champagne or taupe dresses, and let your floral do most of the color work.   Remember:   don’t be too matchy!    Pick as many shades of pink and red as you like, and be sure to pick at least two accent colors (taupe, chocolate, black, grey, turquoise, apple green…go nuts!) to complement your pretty petals.


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