Something new, something new

Okay, so my vendors out there aren’t going to appreciate this. Or maybe they will. Brides, grooms and event clients: do NOT be afraid to come up with a creative idea and share it with your vendor. Don’t be demanding, but don’t be afraid to challenge them. Not all great trends come from your vendors after visiting the big catering show in Vegas every year. They often come from YOU, the client…well, at least the vision of it. Often times they will come up with a logistical way of creating what you envision, with a few minor tweaks so that grandma can actually relax at your wedding.

For example, if you’re tired of seeing photo booths at wedding receptions, do something different! I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing photographers who’ve set up a white screen for guests to “click” their own group photo–complete with costumes–and the surprise freeze-frames post-wedding were so funny and personal. Tired of mashed potato martini bars? Try a mac n’ cheese bar or station with wacky toppings (crawfish tails, pico de gallo, etc.). Incorporate something unique and personal to YOU. Was your husband a big fan of corn dogs when he was little? Then offer mini corn dog “shooters” with gourmet sauce or mustard as passed hors d’oeuvres. Not a materialistic couple, and want to make a global impact at your wedding? Make a donation in your guests’ honor in lieu of party favors (only if you include a nice note on each place setting for this, with details of which organization you donated to). Incorporate your college alma mater into a station, or a hobby, or name your tables after the favorite places you and your fiance have been. The more you get away from the norm and come up with your own personal touch, the more the wedding is about YOU and less about the brides of last year. Desperate for inspiration? Look around your bedroom, in your closet, or go shopping. Chances are that what makes you tick is just as inspirational–if not more–than picking up tips from former couples. Best wishes in your creative journey!