The skinny on self-printed invitations

So you’re budgeting everything yourself and realized how pricey those much-needed pieces of embossed paper are.    Want to print yourself?   They’ll cost you about $1.30 a pop (including postage), so I say DEFINITELY do the research for online print service sites and make sure every penny is accounted for to do a real comparison. Example? and (see stores, too) have some pretty kick-butt invitations for your nuptials, and, in my opinion, can cost you much less to print yourself OR…shhh…orint after-hours at work. Be sure to add a BUSINESS CARD size insert with your reception invitation, as it is tacky (per my good friend, Emily Post) to include reception details on an invitation. Unless, of course, you’re too modern for that nonsense, in which case you’re probably not reading my blog and don’t care what to do. 😉

So you’re at home (or work) and aren’t sure where to start on printing them yourself. There are a TON of sites out there that will guide you on content. The fun part that will set you on a pedestal to your counterparts who spend a fortune on their paper? Use impressive fonts!

I printed my invitations on a laser jet printer and was sure to download romantic fonts to utilize for a swirly, shamelessly girly presentation of our big day. Try and be sure to download Beautiful, and it’s overly swirly, dramatic alternate fonts, like my sample invitation here:

Can’t read see clearly? Calm yourself! It’s also here:

Not your style? Then pick a more contemporary version of my kit and use small caps for your names in lieu of swirly, girly alternatives.

TIP: Most invitation kits do NOT include an insert for your reception info. But business card kits do, and most come in ivory or white. I simply printed my reception info on business card-size paper (yes, it’s perforated, so no cutting required) and dropped into the invitation for guests to easily take with them to enter into their Google map or GPS on the wedding day. Most of these awesome kits come with an RSVP card, so use the same gorgeous fonts on them, too, and don’t get lazy. Check out your online hints and tips for what to include on them, as that would take up an entire website (not a simple post) to include. Sorry!

Overall? I know, I know…I shouldn’t have. But I love you all and really don’t want those on a budget to blow it on embossed invitations if your guests are simply going to throw them in the garbage and not care anyway. It’s the least cool thing that they will remember, and, if it looks pretty regardless, who cares if it’s printed on a laser or if the font is raised? Is your Aunt Susie going to run her fingers across it and say, “Oh my goodness! She didn’t use….”. No.

So do your research. If your local invitation girl quotes you a price under $2.00 per invitation, go for it if your budget allows. If you’re nifty with the text box feature and know how to easily download cool fonts and utilize a laser jet at home or work, then feel free to thank me when the RSVPs start to roll in.

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